Audio Tools / Libraries

Color Tools / Libraries

  • colorify - a collection of color tools

  • infinite-gradients - An HTML experiment for generating randomly created CSS3 gradients (both linear and radial)

  • color-blind - Simulate color blindness by converting RGB hex codes

  • color-harmony - Create color scales by rotating hue

  • color-matrix - Apply filters to colors to simulate things like color blindness and night vision

  • color-palette - Get a color palette from a uri using phantomjs and color-thief

  • color-quantize - Convert colors to websafe / websmart values

  • color-stats - Generate color information based off of the hash of any object (or a valid color string)

Korg Electribe Software

  • Open Electribe Editor - A program that allows you to organize, edit, and create .esx files for the Korg ESX-1.

  • Archived:

    • Esx Wave Organizer - A program that allows you to organize, edit, and create .esx files for the Korg ESX-1.

    • ES-1step - A program that allows you to hook up a midi keyboard to your computer, and send midi messages to your Korg ES-1 Electribe Sampler.

MongoDB Shell Extensions

  • mesh: MongoDB Extended Shell - A javascript file that extends the mongo shell. It includes some useful libraries, as well as new functions for dealing with Mongo collections and queries. All of the extensions listed below are included in mesh.

  • mongodb-distinct2 - Similar to the built-in distinct() function, but with more capabilities.

  • mongodb-distinct-types - Similar to the db.myCollection.distinct() function, distinctTypes() will return "types" rather than "values".

  • mongodb-flatten - The flatten() function provides a way to flatten documents into id/key/value pairs.

  • mongodb-schema - A schema analysis tool for MongoDB.

  • mongodb-wild - Adds a wildcard search to the mongodb shell.

Github User Scripts

  • The Github Enhancement Suite - A collection of userscripts to add functionality when browsing github.com.

  • GitHub: Code Search - A user script that adds a search box to repository pages which allows you to search the code in that repository.

  • GitHub: Editor Theme - Add a "theme" dropdown when editing files in the Github UI.

  • GitHub: Fork Count - A user script to display repo counts (public, private, sources, forks, mirrors) where the "public" repo counts used to be.

  • GitHub: Get Missing Descriptions - If there are missing descriptions on a Github profile page, a button will be added. When clicked, ajax requests will be made to grab the descriptions.

  • Github: gh-pages Link - If a repository has a gh-pages branch, then this will add links to the Github Page, as well as the source code. These links will be added to the "description" section of Github repository pages.

  • Github: Pull Request Links - A user script to "linkify" the to/from branches on Pull Request pages.

  • GitHub: Repo Counts - A user script to display repo counts when browsing repository pages.

  • GitHub: Repo-Filter Info - A user script to display some additional info below the repository filter on a user's main profile page.

  • Github: Twitter Link - Adds a twitter link on Github profile pages if a corresponding user name exists at Twitter.

Miscellaneous Libraries / Utilities

  • List Tool - A simple web application to compare lists.

  • domFormat - A simple javascript library to get DOM nodes as formatted/pretty strings.

  • framecapture - Take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, and add a border to it in one swoop.

  • npm-dview - A command line tool for comparing a package.json file's dependency version numbers with the latest remote version number.

  • tojs - Convert files between plain text, javascript strings, and document.write() statements