free midi

This is a collection of mp3s generated by soundfont2mp3 and the S. Christian Collins GeneralUser GS Soundfont.

The timbre.soundfont.js library uses this collection of mp3s to play sounds.

It is my hope that a "soundfont url format" is standardized, so that the timbre.soundfont.js library (and other similar libraries) can make use of collections of mp3s such as this.

The "soundfont url format" could be similar to the format used by mapping software, such as the Web Map Tile Service format.

Currently, this repo has 128x128 mp3s included in it (one note for each instrument in the general midi standard.

You can make requests in the following format:


where {instrument} is a number between 0-127, and {note} is a midi note between 0-127.