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color-palette is a command line tool that uses phantomjs and color-thief to get a color palette from a website or an image. Any resource that can be opened in phantomjs can be used.


Install the command line tool globally by running:

npm install -g color-palette


Usage: color-palette [options] <resource>


-h, --help               output usage information
-v, --version            output the version number
-s, --size <size>        the target size of the color palette (might return +/- 2)
-q, --quality <quality>  the quality of the colors (0 is highest, 10 is default)
-i, --image              add image to output
-o, --output [type]      specify the output type: text, json, or html


Get a color palette for google.com

$ color-palette http://google.com
      Resource: http://google.com
       Success: true
Dominant Color: #2d2f2e
       Palette: #dcd7d2,#2b2b2b,#2a5fe3,#d94835,#30a28f,#7a7a7a,#049451

Get a color palette for amazon.com, output should be in json format

$ color-palette -o json http://amazon.com
  "resource": "http://amazon.com",
  "uri": "http://amazon.com",
  "success": true,
  "dominantColor": "#253a4f",
  "palette": [

Get an html report for amazon.com and open it

$ color-palette -o html http://amazon.com > output.html & open output.html

# alternative version if you're using OSX w/ homebrew `brew install browser`:
$ color-palette -o html http://amazon.com > output.html | browser

Get a color palette for reddit.com, include a screenshot in the json output

color-palette -i -j http://reddit.com > output.json

NOTE: when including the image switch, the output is very large due to the base64 encoded image data uri

See Also

  • Color Thief - This is the library that I use to get palette information in the color-palette cli.
  • Pictaculous - Upload an image and get it's palatte. They provide a free api as well. At some point I might integrate this API into the color-palette cli.
  • url2png - An API for taking screenshots of websites. Currently, I'm using phantomjs for taking screenshots, but combining the url2png and pictaculous APIs would be an alternative to using color-palette.


Copyright (c) 2014 skratchdot
Licensed under the MIT license.