Github Enhancement Suite


The Github Enhancement Suite is a collection of userscripts to add functionality when browsing github.com.


  1. Make sure you have user scripts enabled in your browser (these instructions refer to the latest versions of the browsers):
    • CHROME: Install TamperMonkey. Continue to STEP 2.
    • FIREFOX: Install GreaseMonkey. Continue to STEP 2.
    • IE: Install Trixie. Continue to STEP 2.
    • OPERA: Follow instructions located on Opera's site: User JS. Continue to STEP 2.
    • SAFARI: Install NinjaKit. Continue to STEP 2.
  2. Install the "GitHub Enhancement Suite" user script by clicking here: github-enhancement-suite.

Included Userscripts

Development Info

  • Cloning the repo:

  • Updating submodules:

      git submodule foreach git pull

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