• You can now view if a sample has been time sliced or not.

  • You can now view and set the Play Level for each samples.

  • BUG FIX == Before, if the focus was on Mono Sample 001, and you clicked on a "greyed" Stereo Sample 001, the focus would still be on Mono Sample 001. This has been fixed. No matter what sample you click on, it will always become the focus...

  • BUG FIX == Before I accept an .esx file into the workspace, I do a few checks on the file. It must contain the values "KORG" in 2 places; it must contain the value 0x71 in two places; and it must contain the value "ESX" in one place. Previously, I was also making sure that it had the value "BPS" in one place. This was not needed, and it was not true for all .esx files. I found this out because someone emailed me saying that the program was not accepting their .esx file. Where I thought that the value "BPS" was needed, it wasn't. The .esx file in question, had the value "BPA" where I thought the value had to be "BPS". If anyone else has a problem loading an .esx file into the workspace, email me... It is probably because one of the other checks I do is unnecessary.

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