It's been awhile, but I finally got around to updating the program. Here's a feature list:

  • Added AIFF support. The program will recognize 8 or 16 bit, mono or stereo, .aif files.

  • Added Minimize and Maximize Buttons.

  • The Play and Loop buttons work for every sample now. If you press the Loop button on a sample that is not a loop, it will play the whole sample repeatedly.

  • Rearranged the main dialog. Now the Mono and Stereo lists are side by side (displaying more samples at once).

  • Got rid of the "quick save" buttons, and added regular "Windows style" open and save dialogs.

  • Added a "Remove All Samples" feature, which deletes all the samples from the workspace, but leaves the pattern and song data that is loaded.

  • Got rid of the file "esxwaveorganizer.data". Now you only need the .exe file for the program to work.

  • Fixed the "Clear Pattern & Song Data". Previously, when you cleared all pattern data, each part's sample would be set to Mono Sample #000. Now, when you clear all pattern data, and load an .esx file into your sampler, each parts' sample will be set to NONE (not Mono Sample #000).

  • Added a Menu with the options:

    • File:

      • Open/Add Files To Workspace

      • Save As ESX File

      • Extract All Waves

      • Exit

    • Functions:

      • Clear All Pattern And Song Data

      • Pattern Organizer

      • Song Organizer

      • Remove All Samples

    • Help:

      • About ESX Organizer

      • Visit Website

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