I decided to release it a little early to start getting some feedback. As of right now, the "Push Down" and "Push Up" Buttons have no effect. Also, the "Play", "Loop", and "Stop" buttons only work for .wav files that were dragged onto the workspace. You cannot preview files that came from a .esx file unless you "extract" it first, then drag the resulting .wav file onto the workspace.

Also, you cannot set the start, end, or loop start times. You cannot set the "time slice", "auto sampling", or "playback level" parameters. In the future, I hope to implement these features. It depends on how much feedback I get, and how much spare time I have.

There is also a minor bug in Version 0.1 that occurs when switching between the mono and stereo lists. If you click on a "greyed" selection, the "focus" of the main window will not change.
To test this, open "ESX Wave Organizer". Now click on Mono Sample 003. The "focus" of the main window is Mono Sample 003. Now click on Stereo Sample 005. The "focus" of the main window is Stereo Sample 005. Now click on the "greyed" Mono Sample 003 again. The "focus" of the main window is still Stereo Sample 005. This is not a very big deal, just make sure you check the "focus" of the window when changing from mono to stereo, or refrain from clicking on the "greyed" selections.

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