New Features Include:

  • You can change Midi In and Midi Out devices at any time while running the program.

  • You can select different Channels for the midi in and out devices.

  • 3 different pattern modes, you can select the starting and ending steps for a pattern

  • You can load and save presets. (all preset files are 578KB big)

  • You can select which of the 17 different parameters to send to the ES-1.

  • You can select which Note Numbers control the different parts on the ES-1.

  • New Random Generator Features -- You can give an upper and lower bound for 17 different parameters, and select which effects and parts are allowed to be assigned.

  • Key Settings Dialog -- You can now edit patterns and all their parameters on screen.

  • Set all function which allows you to set every step for every key to a specified value.

  • Panic button which automatically turns off all the keys when it is hit.

  • New GUI

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