v1.1.0 - Released January 6, 2013

Download here: http://code.google.com/p/open-electribe-editor/downloads/list

Release Notes:

  • [BUG: #11] Imports/Exports showing up twice in context menu

  • [BUG: #12] Auto scroll when using context menu.

  • [BUG: #21] Can't Save and problems to import Patterns

  • [BUG: #22] Stereo samples not saving correctly. Mono samples not playing correctly.

  • [FEATURE REQUEST: #18] Add functions for selecting unused items.

  • [FEATURE REQUEST: #23] Make IsLoop? more clear for stereo samples.

  • removing unused command: "Export Selected Audio Files"

  • AudioPlayer no longer hangs, or becomes unresponsive.

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