This week at work I was comparing 2 lists from 2 different sources. I frequently perform tasks like this, and always end up writing the same comparison code over and over.

One night after work, I decided to write a simple web app to do the list comparisons for me.

As of now, the app has the following features:

  • set operations

  • other operations: sort, reverse, unique, trim

  • uses the Ace Editor (instead of default textarea elements)

  • uses Twitter Bootstrap

  • responsive design: 4 different display sizes will change the layout

  • live editing: the results/counts will be updated as you add new items to lists

  • a logo visualization of the currently selected comparison operation

  • using Web Workers (when available) to support larger datasets

You can check out the project page here:

Project Page

You can bookmark, and use the application here:

List Tool

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