There are a few ways you can take screenshots in OSX, and a few ways you can add borders to images.

Recently I've found the need to take screenshots of portions of my screen, and add a border to the resultant images. Most of the methods I was using were very time consuming.

I decided to script something out so I could easily use the commandline to accomplish this task.

After some evaluation, I decided to use screencapture and ImageMagick.

ImageMagick comes with of few utilities, one of which is import.

I could have used that tool exclusively (and not used screencapture) if it weren't for the fact that import relies on the X Window System (in OSX it's called X11). I wanted something that could take a screenshot without being in an X11 window.

In the end, I created a shell script called framecapture.

It's a very basic script:


screencapture -is "$1"
convert "$1" -mattecolor blue -frame 6x6+2+2 "$1"

But I decided to add some error handling, and optional parameters to it.

You can view it on Github, or install it by running:

sudo curl https://raw.github.com/skratchdot/framecapture/master/framecapture.sh -o /usr/local/bin/framecapture
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/framecapture
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