I saw a blog post today called: mongo, the MongoDB Shell.

Since I work in the shell some, and have written a few shell extensions, I decided to create mesh: MongoDB Extended Shell.

The hope is that it will grow into a collection of community created scripts that add functionality to the default mongo shell (while not interfering with it).

So far, I've included a few utility libraries: underscore.js, underscore.string.js, and moment.js.

I've also included some of the extensions that I've created in the past. Additionally, there's some code so that "console" calls end up wrapping the built in print() function. The idea is that eventually I'll add some logic to the console calls so they behave in a more "standard" way.

Another feature is the mesh.setPrompt() function. You can pass in a function, or a number 0-4. There are a few different types of prompts you can use:

  • 0: '>' reset to default prompt
  • 1: 'dbname>'
  • 2: 'dbname>' for PRIMARY, '(dbname)>' for SECONDARY
  • 3: 'host:dbname>'
  • 4: '[YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss] host:dbname>'
  • passing in a function() is the same thing as setting: prompt = myFunction()

mesh.setPrompt() was inspired by the blog post: http://www.kchodorow.com/blog/2011/06/27/ps1/

Check it out here (and download) here: https://github.com/skratchdot/mesh/

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