Last Friday I read the blog post Meet Variety, a Schema Analyzer for MongoDB.

I tried Variety out, but it didn't quite do what I wanted, and it also created a few DBs/Collections on my server that I didn't expect.

Over the weekend, I decided to write my own implementation called: mongodb-schema. After finishing that script, I created a few more shell extensions.

Please note, these are just quick examples I whipped up, and are not really meant to be run on large collections (unless you use "limit", or are willing to wait a really long time). They are definitely not "production ready".

Here are the scripts:

  • mongodb-distinct-types - Similar to the db.myCollection.distinct() function, distinctTypes() will return "types" rather than "values".

  • mongodb-flatten - The flatten() function is a mapReduce that flattens documents into key/value pairs.

  • mongodb-schema - A schema analysis tool for MongoDB.

  • mongodb-wild - Adds a wildcard search to the mongodb shell.

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