How to create an .esx file, and load it onto your Korg ESX-1

NOTE #1: To move an .esx file from you computer to your ESX-1, you will need a SmartMedia card, and a SmartMedia reader for your PC.

NOTE #2: An .esx file contains ALL the global/sample/pattern/song info from your Electribe. If you load an .esx file onto your Electribe (via a SmartMedia card), you will lose all the "current" data you have loaded.

Steps to create an .esx file:

  • After downloading "ESX Wave Organizer", you'll need to open it by double-clicking on the EsxWaveOrganizer.exe file.

  • When the program first loads, it will contain a "blank" .esx file (no sample, pattern, or song information). You can either start from this "blank" esx file, or you can add to an .esx file that already exists. If you want to add to an existing .esx file, then just drag-and-drop the .esx file you want to modify onto the "Esx Wave Organizer" workspace (or "File"->"Open/Add Files To Workspace" and select the .esx file you want to modify).

  • Now you can start adding samples by either drag-and-drop (or "File"->"Open/Add Files To Workspace"). The program only recognizes .wav or .aif files. After adding samples to the workspace, you can move them around and rename them.

  • After you've added all of your samples, it's time to save the .esx file. You can do this by going to "File"->"Save as .ESX File".

  • Select the location and name of your .esx file, and click OK.

  • Now move/copy the file you just created to your SmartMedia card (using Windows Explorer).

  • After ensuring the .esx file exists on the SmartMedia card, remove the SmartMedia card from your PC, and insert it into your Electribe.

  • Turn on your Electribe.

  • Press the GLOBAL button.

  • Now press SHIFT-16. The key will start blinking.

  • Choose "LOAD" from the "CARD MENU" menu, and press the blinking 16 button.

  • Choose "ALL" from the "LOAD" menu, and press the blinking 16 button.

  • Select the correct .esx file from your SmartMedia card, by scrolling through the "LdFile" menu, and press the blinking 16 button.

Now the .esx file you just created will be loaded into your Electribe.